Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh That Kitchen!

If any of you have been looking to see if I've been blogging, you'll notice that I have not. Since early October, we've been struggling with our kitchen. It has literally been the project from hell with one set back after another and every possible problem right down to damaged flooring! We haven't been able to fully run the B&B either. When they say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, they are not kidding. We are finally down to what I am hoping and praying is the end of this endeavor. This upcoming week should be the end. At this point all that is left is some electrical and a ton of trim, lest I forget, flooring! At any rate, for the 3rd week in a row, I've been promised that this is the last week. My goal this weekend is to finish everything needed for the B&B. I'm going to include some pictures of the progress. As I stated earlier, we are nearing completion.


Our new kitchen will feature a wonderful breakfast bar. When we have guests coming by themselves or continental breakfasts, guests will have the option of using the breakfast bar. It's always nice to have choices! Our kitchen will also have a lovely eating area which is currently under construction.  We can certainly serve our guests in the dining room in the meantime but we're looking forward to the cozy, homey kitchen where on cold winter mornings our guests can have breakfast near the woodstove. It is all very exciting but it certainly has taken a very long time. In an old house where nothing is level or plum and everything has to be recreated, time is required. If anyone thinks they can just go and purchase their cabinetry and come home and put them up, think again! Check those walls first and the floors too. Are they level? Anyway, most of my energy has gone into this renovation. I'm hoping to get back into blogging. I do enjoy it. There are lots of other things to let you know about and my plan is to start updating on everything via my blog. Here's hoping that time allows.

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