Saturday, October 8, 2011

Handmade Balsam Wreaths

Handmade Balsam Wreath

We are taking orders for our Balsam Wreaths and will begin shipping November 25th. We'll take orders until Dec. 10th. We ship our wreaths and we can include a gift card for you if you let us know when you place your order that you'd like one.

I began making wreaths nearly 30 years ago. It was just a few weeks before Christmas when my children were small and I found out that I had overdrawn my checking account quite by accident. I was a stay at home mom and taught piano lessons but there was no way to make up that mistake AND be able to purchase Christmas gifts so....I went down to the local floral place and purchased some tree bows, wire,wire rounds and ribbon. I found some old pieces of ply wood and propped them up against the mail box on either side and wrote " For Sale". I banged 2 nails in each side of the plywood and began wrapping greens on the front porch while the kids were napping. I vowed that if I could somehow manage to get through I would always make wreaths. And, here I am,still making wreaths. Needless to say, I sold the wreaths and I sold so many that I had to keep running back for more greens. That year I began to establish what would be my customer base.

Since then, I became a teacher, moved from Connecticut to New York, began teaching and eventually opened the bed and breakfast  and started the gift shop. My children are grown and on their own but each year I continue to make wreaths. I look forward to making them each year. I just love how excited my customers are when they get they get their wreaths. I love the smell of the balsam, the time in the woods gathering greens and just being outside.

Our wreaths and our wreath page will be coming soon and we'll begin taking orders so check back in a few days. We look forward to another wreath season and more happy customers!

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