Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Window boxes,birdhouses and the humming bird

The Window BoxesFinally, I have planted the window boxes and they are looking very nice. I'll be sure to update with photos as the plants grow and begin to spill over the sides of the window boxes.

Over the weekend when we weren't with our guests, we were working in the yard. The horse shoe bird house, as I have fondly named it, was installed in the memory garden and a wren has taken up occupancy. I was also able to get the planters filled but I still have many more to do. The morning glories at the back of the house still need to be planted. The trellice is in place and everything is ready to go. It's always fun to get all of these things going. While I was working in the yard, a male hummingbird kept stopping by to check on the progress. It was a lot of fun watching him sit on top of the umbrella. He would eat and then take off only to come back seconds later to survey the progress from his viewing station on the top of the umbrella. The rose breasted grosebeaks are back and this year we have two pair! We also have two pair of wrens and one pair of bluebirds. I put up the bluebird house my mom gave me (which she made and woodburned) as I saw the bluebirds looking for a nesting site. I don't think they will choose this house because of the wrens but it looks really nice and that wren house is going to be replaced and in a different location next year. Here's hoping the bluebirds nest in the new house! That new house is the one pictured on the left and all of the art work is done by my mom. A most special birthday gift indeed! I can't wait for birds to come and nest in this house! Bluebirds take a survey annually at their nesting sites and check out places to nest the following year so even if they don't pick this one now, next spring a pair will nest there. It's always entertaing to see the mothers bring their young to the bird bath at the end of the summer. They don't usually feed from the bird feeders as they prefer bugs and such.

The next photo shows the shed and one of the planters. The humming birds frequent the flowers here and many different types of song birds enjoy sitting on the roof.

I'm also including some photos of the humming bird on the umbrella.







It certainly was entertaining to watch this little guy.

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