Monday, May 31, 2010

Pressing Flowers

Today's plan, at least at this point, is to press some flowers. I'll be picking pansies and johnny jump ups to start with. I learned a lot last year. Pressing apple tree blossoms doesn't work and neither does lilac.This will save me a lot of time! When I think of the hours and hours I spent pressing all of those, only to find out that they turn brown! So, today's pressing session will include pansies, johnny jump ups and probably lobelia, which is probably not spelled correctly. I will also be organizing the gift shop so that guests can make purchases when they stay here. I have to fix the steps and I'm working on creating a pathway to the shop. Yesterday I sprayed the poison ivy to kill it. I've planted all the planters and will begin placing them as well. I'd like to have one more hanging plant for the shop and I'm going to put something on the door to make the shop more warm and inviting. I hope to bake and kayak today too. A little over zealous I'm sure but that's usually how it goes. I'll try to take a few photos along the way to share later in the day. Right now I have 12 loaves of bread to put together to rise!! I'll check back later.

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