Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lots of new items....

We've got lots of new items in the gift shop! Beautiful aprons for the holiday season including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and some that just celebrate the harvest. New Autumn Harvest soaps! A Fall line of bags that are just wonderful and 2 warm and cozy fleece throws to celebrate the upcoming Fall season. Many new candles including our new wooden wick candles. Lots of new things to see. The dried flowers continue to grow nicely. Statice and straw flowers are picked daily and the new dried flower bunches will be going up within the week. http://www.northforkgifts.com/ is the place to buy your holiday gifts or gifts for any occasion. The website is still being worked on. You can email me to pay for items that are not listed with a button for purchase. The bread is selling really well too!

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