Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finally some warm and sunny weather....

We are finally having some warm and sunny weather after 2 months of nothing but rain. Yesterday afternoon I was finally able to kayak and even went for a swim in the St. Lawrence! I haven't done that in years. We were kayaking just off Welsley Island. I had never been there and always wanted to go. The water was quite pleasant. We saw several Osprey. On one siting I was sure it was an eagle because of the white head but my daughter was quick to point out the black mask around the eyes and the pattern of black and white on the lower parts of the bird. We saw a Great Blue Herring as well hanging out on the side of the river. He was quite content to preen himself and look magnificent. All in all it was quite wonderful.

The garden is looking better with the warmth and the sun. The pumpkin plants are blossoming and the butternut squash is as well. The statice is growing like crazy. I've been able to pick a large bunch of flowers each day. The straw flowers are coming in better with more varied colors beginning to blossom.

North Fork B&B is quite busy and due to be even busier as parents bring their students to college. This morning's breakfast will feature sourdough pancakes! Yum!

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