Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rain,The Farmer's Market and the Mystery of the Mouse!

I haven't written since our first trip to the Farmer's Market. Our first experience was very positive. Tim was able to sell his coffee and people were very interested in locally roasted coffee. It was great fun. I was also able to sell some of my soap and candles. It was a very nice day.

The paperwork never came together but I'm hoping the person will be able to meet on Monday so that this Tuesday I can sell baked goods at the Farmer's Market. We went last Friday as it was drizzling. We checked the weather map before we left and both thought the showers would subside. We were wrong! We got to the market and set up. People immediately were buying coffee and we thought we were in for a great day. Within minutes it began to pour. I quickly packed my things away in a large plastic tote. I slid the tables in a bit and moved some of the coffee to protect it from the rain. When Tim returned from some errands, it rained even harder. By a bit after 11 we decided to call it a day. The rain got worse and worse and we were worried about the labels on the coffee as they began to curl from the excess moisture. This week it looks like the weather will be better. One can only hope!

Well, the first time we went to the market I noticed mouse droppings in my car. I have searched the entire thing for this mouse. Today, I was going through the bath teas and saw some herbs in the bottom of the basket. Then, in the bottom of the tote there were, you guessed it, mouse droppings! Now I ask you, how does a little mouse get into a huge, sealed plastic tote, chew a bath tea, eat a pressed flower off the top of a candle and another one off of a soap box, and get out and away? This is just crazy!! The night before the market my new bath teas came in. I worked like crazy to make them for the market on Friday. There was no mouse then and there's no mouse now. Anyway, I'm showing some of the new bath teas that have escaped this mysterious, masterful mouse.

I'm very excited about these new bath teas. They are fun to make and they are nice to use. They also make a wonderful sachet. I plan to make more and include a new larger size as well.

We had guests at the B&B as well. Here's a picture of the breakfast table and the wonderful cinnamon french toast that we make here at North Fork B&B.

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