Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today It's the Gift Shop

Most of the day today has been spent in the gift shop. Filling the shelves with things I've made is very satisfying. We now have many different types of soaps and soy candles. Everything is finally coming together! We have yet another rather dark sort of day here with more clouds than sun and intermittent rain. The birds don't seem to mind a bit. They began singing around 4 am!

There are so many different birds feeding at this time that I'm amazed. The bright red male cardinal is a regular now. The rose-breasted grosebeak is too. The tweeting of the finches is non-stop. We have both the gold finch and the purple finch. Today I noticed again that the wren is singing. I haven't seen them yet but there's no doubt that they are here. One would think someone slipped in in the night and put in a recording or something. They go non-stop!

I'm going to be working with the pressed flowers and making soap to replace what has sold. I'm hoping to make more candles as well. I'm still working on labels and building more shelves.
Here's hoping that tomorrow we can spend more time outside in better weather. All for's back to work.

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