Friday, June 12, 2009

The Humming Birds....

I've had some technical glitches learning how to blog. I wasn't able to get in and write. Now, finally, I am. My subject is the Humming birds! We've had them for years but this year they are very active and it seems that there are more than ever. It's been so much fun watching them. There is one male that frequents the top of the umbrella. He sits on the round plastic umbrella top like he's playing king of the mountain. Yesterday, he sat preening himself and even took time out to rub his beak on the umbrella top. It's fascinating to see humming birds at rest, actually sitting still. I also had the pleasure of seeing 3 females sitting at the same feeder. They all sat on their perches and drank at the same time. In all the years I've fed them, I've never seen that!

Another very exciting experience has been how close I'm able to get to them. I can stand within inches of them. When I'm outside I always seem to move because of the sound as they approach. It seems natural to move out of the way so I've been practicing trying to stay as still as possible. Here are some pictures from inside where I am able to be still enough to get very close. Hopefully I'll get some pictures from outside as well.

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